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Secure yearly emerald earnings with digital nft cards and shape the luxurious path of our dao initiatives.

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What is Emeralds DAO?

Welcome to a collective of ambitious individuals united by a shared vision of collaborative investment and mutual growth.

At Emeralds DAO, we extend the unique privilege of directing 10% of the DAO's profits towards establishing our exclusive hub in Tuscany, Italy—a haven for relaxation, networking, and participation in global luxury events, including our exclusive Ferrari Experience.

Emeralds in numbers:

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What's Your Earning Potential?

Invest with confidence using the power of gemstones and blockchain technology.

Simply choose your financial entry point, acquire the card and receive a fixed amount of dollars in gemstones.

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1 year minimum profit
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How to start?
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Earn $300+ Annually
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How much you can earn?
Simple rules. Tangible gains.
Emeralds Worth $300+ Every 12 Months.

Investment cards

Tier one
Tier 1
Once after 3 years, one emerald worth about $600
5% discount on gemstones
5% discount on home decor
5% discount on jewelry
Coming soon
Most popular
Tier two
Tier 2
Every 12 months, an emerald worth at least $300
15% discount on gemstones
15% discount on home decor
15% discount on jewelry
Giveaways with prizes
Gemstone auctions
Coming soon
Tier three
Tier 3
Every 12 months, an emerald worth at least $600
40% discount on gemstones
40% discount on home decor
40% discount on jewelry
Giveaways with prizes
Gemstone auctions
DAO Meetings
Opportunity to visit the mine
VIP meetings
Dedicated VIP auctions
Coming soon
Tier four
Royal Collection
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What will you get?

Incredible benefits for you, particularly within the context of DAO

Home Decor Studio

carvings made carved in emerald stones

The belief that each of us is different and perceives beauty in different aspects of everyday life resulted in the idea of creating our unique Home Decor Studio. It will not only look amazing on your desk, but also grow in value.

Ferrari Evo 488

Go to a Ferrari competition and watch your car race. participate in special events, network and have fun.

Italy Headquarters

Visit our common refuge, relax, network, taste our own wine and develop your business.

• Relax at our vineyard
• Taste our own wines
• Take a Ferrari trip around Toscania


Emerald Dao marketplace

We will launch our own marketplace where gemstone owners will be able to trade, giving liquidity to the market.

And much more to come in the future...!
emerald dao mine

The Mine

Take a look at our mines located in northeastern Brazil, Sierra De Carnaiba, Bahia region. The largest emerald in the world, weighing 380 kg, was found nearby and its value is estimated at $370 million!

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Our mines

Annadisor mine
rubins mine

The emerald crystals reach a few centimetres in diametre, with an intense, greasy, vitreous lustre, rarely transparent, but always of a lovely green, much desired by cutters and collectors.

Emeralds DAO map with locations of mines
2.5 HA
Jatoba mine

The process

Miners extract raw material containing emerald ore.

In our workshop, emeralds are extracted from the ore and polished.

The finished stones are delivered to you.


I believe in combining blockchain technology with real value, I think emeralds are it.

Ian Scarffe

Entrepreneur, Investor

The real value of NFTs comes from combining them with tangible products. I think investing in emeralds through NFTs is an interesting solution.

Mak Szczesniewicz

CEO, Raccoon Distillery

"Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Suspendisse varius enim in eros elementum tristique.


Entrepreneur, Investor


Maciej Różak


Marcin Płaczek

Project Manager

Marcin Kaczmarek

Technical Manager

Artur Markiewicz

Cybersecurity Manager

Jintao Xu

China Market Manager

Raphael Bonzanini

Emeralds DAO Brazil LTDA Director


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Invest now!

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Secure Yearly Emerald Earnings with Digital NFT Cards and Shape the Luxurious Path of Our DAO Initiatives.

Establishing DAO

After selling out Tier 3 and Tier 4 we will launch EmeraldsDAO. Owners of those tiers will decide about 10% of gains from selling out the NFTs and 10% from mining. Members of the group get exclusive access to information about the emerald market, as well as DAO’s strategy. Members can participate in community governance, voting on decisions that will impact the future of the DAO.

One of the first things we want to put through voting is the Ferrari Experience. We will buy Bored Ape Yacht Club PFP and put our Ape on a Ferrari racing car that will take part in the whole racing season. DAO members will be able to join races free of charge to admire their own racing car!

Second is the place where we can meet, network, have fun and rest. The goal is to buy a vineyard in Tuscany, we already have the manager that will turn it into profit. DAO members will be able to spend time there and create memorable experiences by fully emerging into the real DAO idea.